Value Ageing

While ageing is a biological process, the condition of old age is a social fact that reflects the multifaceted nature of the older-person role, rather than an “objective” category.

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"Results of Value Ageing project presented at Queens University Belfast":
"Lunch time lecture on the results of Value Ageing project presented at Queens University Belfast on January 22, 2014. Ela Krawczyk & Cathy Craig lecture
"Graceful Ageing: Exploring the contribution and potential of ICT":
"The Conference provided an opportunity for project partners and early-stage and experienced researchers, and other interested people, to come together to reflect on the achievements of the project investigations to-date, to gain further insights into the themes and topics that are being studied, and to provide a space to explore the connections and synergies between [...]

A 48 MONTH MARIE CURIE INDUSTRY ACADEMIA PARTNERSHIPS AND PATHWAYS ACTION INCORPORATING EUROPEAN FUNDAMENTAL VALUES INTO ICT FOR AGEING: A VITAL POLITICAL, ETHICAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, AND INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGE (VALUE-AGEING) is a 48 month Marie Curie Industry‐AcademiaPartnerships and Pathways Action funded within the scope of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. VALUE AGEING aims to foster cooperation between non‐commercial and commercial entities on a joint research project about the incorporation of Fundamental Values of the EU in Info‐Communication Technology (ICT) for Ageing.

Good technology is not just about making something better; it is about doing something different and consequently making people think differently.

We need to understand both the way in which existing values are driving technology innovation, and how technology in its turn is changing people’s standards. Social scientists and ethicists should learn from technologists, and in their turn technologists should learn from scholars working on human values.

This makes a project like VALUE‐AGEING a vital instrument to incorporate fundamental EU principles in industrial strategies and technological awareness in policy setting.

Value Ageing builds upon the key principles of the SENIOR project

The VALUE‐AGEING partnership represents a unique multidisciplinary combination which will contribute towards educating a new generation of researchers in the field of ICT for ageing.